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mymides c10 impresses in emergency medicine

Like the magazine “Retungsdienst” reported in its February issue that after a two-month test phase, the Emergency Medicine Working Group in Hövelhof (AGN) decided to purchase two myMIDES C10 for its emergency medical vehicles. In addition to the versatility of the double-head probe and the high-resolution images, the long battery life of four hours was particularly impressive. Lt. AGN can be used with the myMIDES C10 “All common preclinical sonography protocols (e.g. eFAST protocol) are implemented and documented."

The only choice in Europe for phaco handpieces

Thanks to the most careful development work in our in-house innovation department, we are the only company in Europe that can offer the repair or refurbishment of phacoemulsification handpieces from the Alcon and Oertli brands.

The advantages of a phaco repair or refurbishment are clear: you will receive one from MIDES environmentally friendly and technically equivalent alternative  to a new handpiece, and at the same time you benefit from significant cost savings.



The Certified by MIDES seal guarantees our customers 100% quality, the highest safety standards and patient safety. In addition, the quality seal stands for unique customer benefits.

In addition, the quality seal stands for unique customer benefits. Our innovative technologies and processes, top service, individual customer orientation and competent support enable us to implement the best solutions for our customers.


Swapped by MIDES is our newest service offering. A defective probe can be exchanged for a probe of the same type that has already been repaired or reconditioned within 24 hours.

PHAKO repair at MIDES

With immediate effect, we are the only company in Europe to be able to offer the repair or refurbishment of Alcon brand phacoemulsification handpieces.

Phaco repair at MIDES

The new MyMIDES C10

The myMIDES C10 is the ideal ultrasound probe for fast and accurate sonography-based examinations. The new mobile double-headed probe is exclusively available from MIDES.

the new myMIDES C10


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