Philips Sparq

Category: Stationary

The Philips Sparq Ultrasound System makes it easy to capture and report high-quality ultrasound images in emergency medicine. This way you can work faster and have more time to focus on your patients.

- Philips Sparq - easy to learn and easy to use
– Needle visualization to aid in procedures
– Simplicity Mode simplifies the operation of the system
– Ergonomic design for easy use in difficult environments

Probe Compatibility

  • C6-2 transducer
  • L12-4 PROBE
  • C9-4V PROBE
  • S4-2 transducer
  • X7-2t PureWave xMATRIX TEE transducer
  • C5-1 transducer
  • L15-7io Broadband Linear Transducer
  • L12-5 Broadband Linear Transducer
  • S5-1 Broadband Sector Transducer
Ultrasound machine Sparq W


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