Sustainable circular economy
with refurbished by mides

with refurbished
by mides

Circular Economy in health care aims to replace old linear value chains, both at product and component level, with cycles and thus promote the conservation of natural resources. 

The MIDES value proposition with the 3Rs (REPAIR, REUSE, REFURBISH) actively contributes to promoting a of a sustainable circular economy at. The refurbishment of defective ultrasonic probes is of great importance. The repair significantly extends the service life of the probes and spare parts. This minimizes the extraction of fossil resources, the production of waste and emissions and thus reduces end-of-life losses. 

The MIDES refurbished offering includes both the repair of ultrasonic probes, as well as the sale of in-house refurbished MIDES premium probes

Sustainable circular economy at MIDES
Reprocessing of ultrasonic probes

Refurbished by

With the Refurbished by MIDES repair, defective ultrasonic probes are brought up to a high quality standard by replacing all essential components. With special test processes and quality gates we can guarantee the highest quality and maximum patient safety. 

A Refurbished by MIDES probe not only enables that saving of costs – compared to a new purchase by up to 40% – but at the same time avoiding CO2 emissions and electronic waste. 


The refurbishment at MIDES is a precise documented, validated and certified procedure. This ensures the highest quality and traceability of the processed product.

As a first step after acceptance, the probe is disassembled into individual parts. All components are thoroughly cleaned, carefully checked and evaluated. Individual components are replaced as required and all essential components of the probe, such as crystals and element and control lines, are always replaced with new ones. After repair, the probe passes through various quality gates and is disinfected. The repaired ultrasound probes are shipped in our environmentally friendly ultrasound probe box. The warranty on probes reprocessed using this procedure is 12- 16 months

Refurbishment process at MIDES
Refurbishment process at MIDES


Outside the opening hours, you can quickly and easily request or order your probe repair at any time using our digital analysis form.

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