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Refurbished by MIDES probes are prepared according to defined quality gates and undergo a special testing process with their own quality seal. This not only saves costs, but also conserves resources and avoids electronic waste. And that with the highest quality and up to 18 months warranty. In our in-house innovation department, we are constantly working on the further development of our competence and so the number of probes that we can refurbish is constantly increasing. 

Standard probes:

  • C-AC4C1, Acuson 4C1 convex probe
  • C-AC4V1C, Acuson 4V1c sector probe
  • C-AC6C1, AC 6C1 convex probe
  • C-ALUST9123, Aloka UST9123 convex probe
  • C-ALUST9126, Aloka UST-9126 convex probe
  • C-ALUST9130, Aloka UST-9130 convex probe
  • C-BK8820e, B&K 8820e Convex Probe
  • C-ESLA523, Esaote LA523 linear probe
  • C-GE12LRS, GE 12L-RS probe
  • C-GE3S, GE 3S Phased Array Probe
  • C-GE3SCRS, GE 3SC-RS Phased Array Probe
  • C-GE3SP, GE 3S P Phased Array Probe 1.5 – 5.0MHz
  • C-GE3SPD, GE 3SPD sector probe
  • C-GE3SRS, GE 3S-RS probe
  • C-GE4C, GE 4C convex probe
  • C-GE4CD, GE 4C-D probe
  • C-GE4CRS, GE 4C-RS Convex probe
  • C-GE9LD, GE 9L-D linear probe
  • C-GE9LRS ,GE 9L RS Linear Probe
  • C-GEAB27, GE AB-27
  • C-GEC15D, GE C1-5-D convex probe
  • C-GEC15RS, GE C1-5RS Convex Probe
  • C-GEC16D, GE C1-6-D Convex Probe
  • C-GEE8C, GE E8C vaginal probe
  • C-GEE8CRS, GE E8C-RS Vaginal Probe
  • C-GEIC59D, GE IC5-9D vaginal probe
  • C-GEIC9RS, GE IC9-RS Vaginal Probe
  • C-GEM5SCD, GE M5SC-D Phased Array probe
  • C-GEM5SD, GE M5S-D phased array probe
  • C-GEML615D, GE ML6-15-D Matrix Linear Array Probe 4-13MHz
  • C-HIC25, Hitachi C25 Convex Probe
  • C-HIC251, Hitachi C251 convex probe
  • C-HIEUPC715, Hitachi EUP-C715 convex probe
  • C-SACA17A, Samsung CA1-7A (USP-C017DSA/WR) convex probe
  • C-PHC51-COM, Philips C5-1 convex probe compact
  • C-PHC51-EXP, Philips C5-1 convex probe Explora
  • C-PHC52-EXP, Philips C5-2 convex probe Explora
  • C-PHC62-COM, Philips C6-2 convex probe compact
  • C-PHC84V-EXP, Philips C8-4v vaginal probe Explora
  • C-PHC94V-COM, Philips C9-4v Vaginal Probe Compact
  • C-PHL123-COM, Philips L12-3 Linear Probe Compact
  • C-PHL123-COM Ergo, Philips L12-3 linear probe Compact for Ergo
  • C-PHL124-COM Sparq, Philips L12-3 Linear Probe Compact for Sparq
  • C-PHL125-COM, Philips L12-5 Linear Probe Compact
  • C-PHL125-EXP, Philips L12-5 linear probe Explora
  • C-PHL93-EXP, Philips L9-3MHz Linear Probe Explora
  • C-PHS51-COM, Philips S5-1 Probe Compact
  • C-PHS51-EXP, Philips S5-1 probe Explora
  • C-SICH41, Siemens CH 4-1 MHz convex probe
  • C-SICH52, Siemens CH5-2 convex probe
  • C-SIP51, Siemens P5-1 phased array probe
  • C-SIVF105, Siemens VF10-5 linear probe
  • C-SIVF124, Siemens VF 12-4 linear probe
  • C-SOHFL38X, Sonosite HFL38X linear probe
  • C-TOPLT1005BT, Toshiba PLT-1005BT linear probe
  • C-TOPLT1204BT, Toshiba PLT 1204 BT linear probe
  • C-TOPLT704AT, Toshiba PLT 704AT linear probe
  • C-TOPLT704SBT, Toshiba PLT 704SBT linear probe
  • C-TOPLT704ST, Toshiba PLT 704ST linear probe
  • C-TOPLT805AT, Toshiba PLT 805AT linear probe
  • C-TOPLU704BT, Toshiba PLU 704BT linear probe
  • C-TOPST25BT, Toshiba PST-25BT Phased Array Probe
  • C-TOPST30BT, Toshiba PST 30BT Phased Array Probe
  • C-TOPVM375AT, Toshiba PVM375AT convex probe
  • C-TOPVT375BT, Toshiba PVT-375BT convex probe
  • C-TOPVT375SBT, Toshiba PVT-375SBT convex probe
  • C-TOPVT375ST, Toshiba PVT375ST convex probe
  • C-TOPVU375BT, Toshiba PVU-375BT Convex Probe
  • C-TOPVT375SC, Toshiba PVT-375SC Convex Probe

TEE probes:

  • C-PHX72T-COM, Philips X7-2t TEE Probe Compact
  • C-PHX72T- EXP, Philips X7-2t TEE Probe Explora
  • C-PHX82T-COM, Philips X8-2T TEA Probe Compact



Outside the opening hours, you can quickly and easily request or order your probe repair at any time using our digital analysis form.

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