The MIDES Premium probes are used ultrasonic probes, which are made after our Refurbished by Mides-Concept were repaired. Crystals and externally visible parts are exchanged for new components. In this way we can ensure the highest quality and offer the same guarantees as with a new probe from the manufacturer.

A MIDES Premium probe is not just up to 40% cheaper than a new probe, but also saves resources and electronic waste. 

Reprocessed Ultrasound Probes
Refurbishment of used ultrasound probes


With the Refurbished by MIDES repair method, defective ultrasonic probes are brought up to a high quality standard by replacing all essential components. With special test processes and quality gates, we can guarantee the highest quality and maximum patient safety. 

A Refurbished by MIDES probe not only enables that saving of costs – compared to a new purchase by up to 40% – but at the same time avoiding CO2 emissions and electronic waste. 


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