Philips EPIQ CVx

Category: Stationary

EPIQ CVx is an ultrasound solution designed specifically for cardiology that brings significant advancements. Improve your medical care with increased processing power, superior imaging with impressively high clarity and sharpness, more efficient examination methods and a new, mature and reproducible AIUS quantification.

  • Outstanding imaging with OLED monitor and more realistic
    TrueVue light rendering
    X6-1 PureWave xMATRIX transducer

  • More efficient investigations with configurable interface
    and real-time 3D image alignment

  • New reproducible AIUS quantification with Dynamic

  • HeartModel for a wider range of patients

  • Compatible with TomTe

Probe Compatibility

  • X5-1 PureWave xMATRIX transducer
  • X6-1 PureWave xMATRIX transducer
  • X7-2 xMATRIX transducer
  • X7-2t PureWave xMATRIX TEE transducer
  • X8-2t PureWave xMATRIX TEE transducer
  • XL14-3 xMATRIX linear transducer
  • L12-3 Broadband Linear Transducer
  • L12-3 Ergo Broadband Linear Transducer
  • L12-5 Broadband Linear Transducer
  • L15-7io Broadband Linear Transducer
  • L18-5 Broadband Linear Transducer
  • eL18-4 transducers
  • eL18-4 EMT transducer
  • C5-1 transducer
  • C8-5 broadband convex transducer
  • C9-2 broadband convex transducer
  • S5-1 Broadband Sector Transducer
  • S7-3t TEE transducer
  • S8-3 Broadband Sector Transducer
  • S12-4 Broadband Sector Transducer
  • S8-3t Micro TEE Transducer
  • S9-2 Broadband Convex Transducer
  • D2cwc Doppler transducer
  • D5cwc Doppler transducer
  • D2tcd Doppler transducer


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